Primary Potions

. Overview .

Awoken from a thoroughly traumatic event, you are a young mage who has endeared themselves to the Grand Alchemist Saeron, the greatest alchemist in the land! Lucky for you she seems to like you, so she takes you in and teaches you the art of alchemy. Through training and hard work, you learn the skills of an alchemist, mixing potions and filling the orders of the kingdom, while making money like any good shopkeeper.

Primary Potions is a small game currently available for the Xbox Live Arcade Indie Channel. A mixing/matching game, you are given a series of colored potions and an order, and are set to work filling the orders, making the correct colors and amounts of potions to get paid.

. Features .

~ Thought-provoking color puzzles
~ Tons of story levels
~ Endless puzzle mode
~ Colorblind mode
~ Xbox 360 Media Player integration