. Overview .

In E-Motion, the player controls a ball within the mind of the main character, a child with an extremely vivid imagination. The player will complete this task by guiding the ball through different levels, getting it to a goal in each. As the player moves the ball through the levels, it will pass through different colored clouds of emotion. Moving the ball through these clouds will change the emotion of the ball to one of the eight possible emotions, depending on the color of the cloud and the current emotion of the ball. Each of the eight emotions is represented as a colored triangle on the emotion dial, a GUI element that tells the player what the ball’s current emotion is; as the ball passes through the clouds it moves the emotion dial toward that emotion.

The emotion of the ball determines its physics, such as acceleration, deceleration, top speed, bounce, gravity, and impact; properly controlling which emotion is active will be the key to getting past the puzzles in each level. The overall feel of the game will also actively change with the current emotion by means of dynamic music and changing of the appearance and sound effects associated with the ball. These elements, combined together, take a very tried-and-true game type and give it a rich and refreshing feeling, making it enjoyable for a wide audience of casual and core gamers.
. Features .
~ Puzzling marble gameplay
~ Not your ordinary marble game
~ A unique music system that changes with the mood!

. Videos .